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on the left side a girl is in a black jacket and on the right side view a scissor and a cloth

Give your textile a feeling of freshness


Leather, Wool, Silk, Fur…

Dry-cleaning is recommended for sensitive fibres like wool, silk and polyester. It dissolves grease and stains on your clothing without penetrating fibres. Gaby Nettoyeur Inc is your dry-cleaning specialist in Mirabel. We take care of the cleaning of all your clothes whether they are made of leather, fur or wool. Are your clothes too big or in need of a quick touch-up?

Our services include:

  • Clothing maintenance

  • Dry-cleaning

  • Touch-ups

  • Sewing of all kinds

  • Cleaning wedding dresses

  • Cleaning leather clothing (Rudsak, Mackage etc.)

  • Cleaning of equestrian blankets

  • Cleaning fur clothing

  • Cleaning coats (Canada Goose®, Kanuk, Spyder, Moncler, Moose Knuckles)

  • Cleaning blankets

  • Cleaning comforters

  • Cleaning curtains

  • Cleaning draperies


Dress a Tad Too Large? - Let us touch-up your new or favorite clothes - Call Us
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